Posted by: Googie | June 3, 2010

Colombia, oh yeah!

Since I could not find a guidebook for Colombia, I gathered some information from people who’d already been there, and also got some excellent suggestions from the website I had met an Aussie called Thom at the hostel who was also headed there, and we planned to cross the border together. We were supposed to leave from Quito early in the morning at 5 am, but I had forgotten to collect my laundry so I asked Thom to carry on.

I waited till 8 am to collect my clothes, and then started. The computers were down at the Ecuadorian immigrations office at the border, so we had to wait in line for over 2 hours. But I was lucky to meet some nice people, Pierre-Louis from Canada, Jade from UK & Thomas from the US.

Once all the passport formalities were done, I was legally in Colombia!! My initial plan was to check out the Sanctuario de Las Lajas close to Ipiales and go on to Pasto the same day. But because of the delay at immigrations, it was already too late to go to the Sanctuario. Jade wanted to go ahead to Cali, but I didn’t want to rush so I decided to stay back in Ipiales and check out the big church the next day. So I said goodbye to Jade, got myself a taxi to take me to a cheap hostel, where I met Sarah & Vita from the US, and we went to have dinner together.


Walking from Ecuador to Colombia - on the bridge that separates the two countries

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