Posted by: Googie | May 27, 2010

The Pacific Ocean

Once my work at the Colombian embassy was done, there was no reason for me to stay in Quito any longer. So I went back to the hostel, took my bags and left for the bus terminal. A bus to the coastal town of Esmeraldas would take 6 hours at least, which meant that it would be late at night by the time I would reach – a situation that a single traveler should avoid as far as possible. So I decided to cut short my journey and bought a ticket to Santo Domingo de Los Colorados which was just 3 hours away.

I reached Santo Domingo at about 8 pm to find that the bus terminal was in a rough looking neighbourhood. There were groups of men standing around with skimpily clad prostitutes walking about. With my backpack I clearly stood out as a tourist and was the target of all their stares, so I dared not fish out my camera to take pictures. Fortunately there were many hostels around, and I could easily find a cheap room to spend the night.

Early next morning, I boarded a bus to Esmeraldas, and then another one going along the coast to a small town called Muisne (pronounced moo-ee-nay). There was a small arm of the sea to cross (very similar to Bengare in Mangalore) to get to the island of Muisne itself. I rented a sea facing room with a hammock outside, and proceeded to the beach to touch the waters of the Pacific Ocean for the first time ever.




First look at the Pacific Ocean


Puffed up dead fish at the beach

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