Posted by: Googie | May 24, 2010

San Pablo and Cotacachi

When I had had enough of Otavalo, I thought I’d head to nearby San Pablo and sit by the lake all day long. I got to San Pablo early and went hunting for a place to stay. Except for one super-expensive place, there were no other hostels in town; so after spending some time by the lake (which looks great in pictures, but not so much in real life), I came back to Otavalo.


The San Pablo lake


Boat rides


The volcano Imbabura overlooking San Pablo


Always looking for a parada

Now I had to choose between going to either Cayambe or Cotacachi. I sent an email to Jana and told her about my dilemma. Finally, I wrote that I had made up my mind to go to Cayambe. Just after logging out, I spoke to the owner of the internet shop, and he suggested that Cotacachi would be a better option. I took his advice and caught the next bus to Cotacachi.


The church at Cotacachi centro


The park at Cotacachi centro

At Cotacachi, all hostels were turning out to be too expensive, but then the owners of one of the expensive hotels turned out to be very nice people. They drew a map for me, and told me where exactly I could find cheaper places to stay. On my way, I saw a “gringo looking” blond guy, so I asked him if he spoke English. He turned out be an Argentinian who not only spoke English, but was also friendly and helpful. He told his Dad that I was looking for a hostel, and his Dad went into a shop to ask the locals. On returning, he gave me clear directions to the closest post office! The Dad had heard “postal” instead of “hostel”, and when he realised his mistake, we all had a good laugh. I thanked them for their help and continued walking. Soon enough, I found a cheap and comfortable place to stay, kept my bags and went to explore the town.




Narrow cobbled streets of Cotacachi


By night

Cotacachi was very similar to Otavalo, like a mini-version of it; and I liked it just as much. After walking about for a bit, I found a “productos naturales” cafe which I thought would be perfect for dinner. But since it was too early for dinner and I didn’t want to walk anymore, I sat on a bench opposite the cafe and began to read. Soon I was lost in my book, and when I looked up, the cafe was closed 😦


Sure is!


The volcano Cotacachi overlooking the town of Cotacachi

While checking mails just before going to bed, I saw that I had a reply from Jana. She had written that I would end up going to Cotacachi and not to Cayambe as I had earlier decided. As usual, she was right; and as usual I’m clueless about how she knows these things 🙂

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