Posted by: Googie | May 24, 2010


After submitting my documents at the Colombian consulate, there was nothing for me to do until they finished checking them (which they said would take 2 working days). So I decided to head to Otavalo, about 2 hours north of Quito, which allegedly had the largest and most colourful artisan market in South America.

Otavalo turned out to be a quiet peaceful town with narrow empty streets. I found a cheap room to stay, and a place near the town centre with free public wi-fi. This was exactly my idea of a place to relax, and I enjoyed my time over the next 2 days just walking around and using the free internet.

I called the Colombian consulate a few days later and was asked tons of questions. But I answered all of them satisfactorily, and was given an account number in which to transfer $39. One more step closer to the visa to Colombia 🙂

On Saturday, I woke up late looking forward to yet another chilled-out day, but I was in for a shock. I could barely recognise the town at all. It was jam-packed with shops that had almost magically sprung up everywhere during the night. The centre of town was now off-limits for all vehicles, since every road was full of shops selling everything from artistic creations to clothes to food.

I had no intention of buying anything, but simply could not help myself. Now I don’t have enough place in my backpack, and will have to discard some of my other things 😦

(I don’t know why but I didn’t take a single picture in Otavalo, and now I regret it. I’ll just have to post some pictures found elsewhere)


The city of Otavalo with Volcano Imbabura in the background


Walking through the artisan market


A portion of the market


Another view of the market

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