Posted by: Googie | May 20, 2010

Pick-pocketed in Quito

Today I woke up early and got to the Colombian consulate just when they opened. The efficient lady behind the counter took my documents and said that they would need a few days to check if everything was in order. I would have to call them on Friday and check whether I am eligible for a tourist visa to Colombia or not.




Spiralling mall

From there I went to a small cafe for breakfast. I had a 5 dollar bill in my hand when I got out of there, but since I was too lazy to get my wallet out to keep it inside, I just tucked it into the pocket of my jacket. After that I got into one of the crowded Trole buses to get back to the hostel. On the way, there was a brief argument between an old couple and a younger man. During the argument, I noticed one guy move directly in front of me, and another directly behind me. Both were carrying black plastic bags. I found the situation a little suspicious, so I took one step to the side so that I was no longer between them. They got off at the next station, and I continued ahead.

On getting out of the Trole bus, I put my hand in my jacket pocket to retrieve the 5 dollar bill. Some sub-conscious part of my brain somehow knew that I wouldn’t find anything there, and sure enough, the pocket had been cleaned out. I was a 100% sure that the suspicious guys on the bus were behind it. I was glad that they hadn’t been able to get to my wallet or my camera. 5 dollars was a small price to pay for a big lesson learnt.


At some famous arch (just after being pick-pocketed)

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  1. indeed… you should rely more on your witchy intuition 🙂

  2. When you started with 5 dollars in jacket pocket, I assumed you were left with only that after the pickpoketing. Glad to hear that wallet remained…provided a nice twist to the story too 🙂

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