Posted by: Googie | May 18, 2010

Peru is out

In the morning, I went to the Peruvian embassy to request for a tourist visa. But they refused to give me one and said that I should have arranged for it in India itself. So Macchu-Picchu has to be deferred to my next trip to South America.

Once back at the hostel, Matt & I decided to check out the famous Basilica. We walked there, and after seeing the interior, went to climb the towers. One can climb really really high on the towers (above the clocks, and almost all the way to the spire). There’s also a wooden platform where one can walk across the length of the cathedral right above the main section, and then climb higher still. Moreover, also mounted is a pair of powerful binoculars whose main purpose is to provide a better look of the distant statue of Mother Mary on “El Panecillo”. But Matt & I put it to more interesting spying purposes, but all we managed to spot was a woman hanging out clothes to dry on her terrace 🙂


This young footballer was keen to have his picture taken


Front-view of the basilica from a distance


Side-view of the basilica


The interior of the basilica


The wooden platform right above the pews


The bread shaped hill – El Panecillo – as seen from the basilica

After the Basilica, we walked around the historical center with Matt doing most of the shopping. Somebody tried to sell us a 8 GB pen drive for dirt cheap, but the presence of cops around suggested that it could be a sting operation so we chose not to proceed with the transaction. If it hadn’t been a sting operation, the pen drive was definitely stolen, so it was a good thing that we didn’t buy it anyway.

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  1. this basilica reminds me of the gothic churches in Germany, St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague and from the frontal part a little of the Notre Dame with extended towers 🙂 architectural syncretism 🙂
    the view is amazing… with the clouds and their shade on the houses…. nice..

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