Posted by: Googie | May 16, 2010

One last party

Sunday, the 16th of May 2010 was going to be my last day in Salasaca, so preparations were underway (read as rum was bought) for a final party on Saturday night. It so happened that a big community celebration was going to happen in Salasaca centre on the same night. Were the Salasacans so glad to see my back that they had decided to celebrate in this fashion?!!

The evening started out with Connect-4, with all of us trying different types of variations to make the challenging game even more challenging. Having already established myself as the indisputable champion of Connect-4, I showed the others what a big cheater I could be if I wanted to 🙂


One of the many Connect-4 variations invented


Gulping the hot sauce (Warning: Do NOT try this at home)

Finally when we were down our last 5 litres of Cuba libre; we took the rum and headed to the centre and join the celebrations there. On the way, we spotted another party and thought we would stop by there on the way back. Once in the centre, things really got wild. We joined a group of local boys and took turns taking shots of their local liquor, and also tried the different types of “fresh and hot” alcohol being brewed on the carts.


Salasacan community celebration


With Bruna & Megan


Nicolas, Pedro & Googie


With Michelle and her mom


At the feet of the Giant Salasacan man


God alone knows what was brewing in there, but we couldn’t have cared less


Hanging out with the local Salasacan boys


Pedro borrows a poncho from one of the locals


Posing with the poncho

By the time we returned, Eddie, Pedro, Nicolas and I were hammered. I donated some partially digested food to the plants in the valley, while Eddie chose the grass near the entrance of the hostel. My last night at Salasaca was one that none of us would be forgetting for a long time to come!

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