Posted by: Googie | May 15, 2010

Community Dinner

Preparations were underway at the library for the large community dinner that had been planned for today evening. I was completely oblivious to it, until Nicolas said that they needed my help in moving a pot of chicken from the stove. I was unfazed till I saw the pot. It was MASSIVE. It was probably large enough to accommodate Nicolas & me inside with place to spare, and it was full of chicken!



Our task was to set it down, but we couldn’t even lift it an inch above the stove. I had a brainwave just then (I know you’re amazed, but yes, it happens sometimes). I dragged a table next to the stove, and we just slid the pot from the stove onto the table. Mission accomplished – for now.

My mouth was practically dripping with the sight of all that chicken. I simply had to get myself invited for the dinner. What followed was a ridiculous way of self-inviting oneself, which involved loudly exclaiming how delicious the chicken looked. Enough said.

An hour later, there was more work in store. The food was ready, and it was needed to move all of it into the theatre room of the library. Moving the giant pot of chicken was the responsibility of the two strong boys, namely Nicolas & I. Our attempts at even placing the pot on the ground were utterly futile, let alone moving it all the way to the library. Then I had a second brainwave (it definitely must have been a blue moon night, haha!). I told them to get another vessel, and we poured a lot of the cooked chicken into it. After that, we could move the huge pot, and slowly, one step at a time, took it to the library.


Moving the pot


Finally in the theatre room

Dinner was served in one of the rooms of the library, with Robert, Nicolas & me being the only non-Salasacans. I was told that the gathering would generally be very noisy, but our presence caused the proceedings to be a little peaceful.


The non-Salasacans

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  1. Chicken looks really delicious!! 😀

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