Posted by: Googie | May 9, 2010

Yet another wild night

Mitchell & Amy were volunteering only for a week, and would be leaving on Saturday morning, so we planned a farewell party on Friday night. It turned out to be blast with some Salsa lessons from me (the irony of an Indian guy teaching Salsa steps to South Americans was not lost on anyone).

But the Indian guy couldn’t cook any Indian dishes. Thankfully, Eddie came to the rescue, and made some great sabji with chapattis (the irony of a Kiwi making such amazing Indian cuisine was also not lost on anyone).

Bringing the supplies

Eddie making the chapattis


At the start of the evening


Showing-off my Salsa skills


Googie the Salsa teacher 1


Googie the salsa teacher 2


Matt & Bruna get into the act


But Matt just wasn’t satisfied


Megan & Eddie showing us what they could do

This time it was Matt who was at the receiving end of Nicolas’ “big fight at midnight”, and everyone once in a while we could hear a, “I will kill you man!” from the Frenchman. Midnight did come, and the fight did take place; but Matt was simply too strong. It was only with Nicolas & I together wrestling with the Canadian that it seemed to be an evenly matched contest. When we finally broke apart, Matt was wearing my shirt, I was wearing Nicolas’ shirt and Matt’s shirt had been thrown to the pig.


The pre-fight taunts


Fight club 1


Fight club 2


Fight club 3


Nicolas & Googie versus Matt

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  1. haha- its good to know things never changed in our absence!
    what a wonderful blog you’ve got here. good luck with NY and getting home – i hope our paths will cross again some time soon x

  2. Thanks Tanya!! xx

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