Posted by: Googie | May 8, 2010

New volunteers

This week Katitawa has some new volunteers. Mitchell & Amy from New Zealand, Eddie & Megan also from New Zealand, and Marina & Bruna from Argentina. Mitchell is an architect by profession, and Eddie is an architecture student; which makes now an almost perfect time to work on the treehouse and finish it, but alas, the materials for the treehouse are not available 😦

Setbacks and impediments like this are a part of the volunteering life at Katitawa, and we have to learn to get by and work around them. With no more progress possible with the treehouse, we focussed on the pond and the ramp to the nursery classroom. The pond got a new layer of plastic (this one with no holes, and thus completely water-retaining) and the ramp got the concrete slabs to retain the gravel.

The Argentinian girls have taken it upon themselves to teach me some Spanish, and thanks to their dedicated and extremely patient efforts, “Yo hablo poco Espanyol” is no longer a blatant lie.

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  1. Wow Googie…you seem to be having the time of your life.
    Quilotoa looked beautiful 🙂

  2. Goooooooooooooogie, I was thinking about la escuela and I thought; I wonder if the pond is working yet, naturally your blog seemed the only place to check. What I discovered was some great posts that really got me excited about going back Ecuador way.

    Where are you Googie and what is happening in your world right now?



    • Hey Ed!!!!!
      Great to hear from you, and thanks 🙂
      I’m in St. Petersburg right now, but in just over a week I’ll be heading home. I’m having a great time here in Russia and I wish I didn’t have to go back so soon…
      How are things with you? When do you go back to Ecuador?
      Big hugs mate…
      – Googie

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