Posted by: Googie | May 4, 2010

The Presidential Suite

With Emma having left Salasaca, the post of the house manager of hostel Pachamama was now empty, and I gladly stepped up to shoulder the responsibility. Part of my eagerness stemmed from the fact that the house manager would move into the best room in the hostel, aptly named the Presidential suite. The room was conveniently located on the ground floor, had a large double bed (although terribly creaky) and a private bathroom.

On the very first day after moving into The Presidential Suite, I proved my clumsiness by locking myself out of the room. After a careful study of the situation, I concluded that the only way to enter the room would be to either break one of the glasses of the window, or break the lock itself. Both were damage causing options, and I was wondering how I would explain it to Robert when Abe said that he would try to pick the lock.

Now Abe is a really talented kid, who usually knows what he’s doing. So I had a strange confidence that he would be able to pick it. After about 20 minutes when the lock had still not shown any willingness to get picked, I was beginning to lose hope. As a last ditch effort, I decided to turn the latch; and lo and behold, it turned. Abe had somehow managed to pick it, and the new house manager had been saved a lot of embarrassment.

Since I don’t have any pictures of The Presidential Suite, I’m going to just add a few pictures from the school itself.


With the super-shy Jessica, and Pedro


Colada time


The chicken coop


With little Yanik during the Friday recycling time


Pedro does the “Ambato, Ambato, Ambato” with Chinchana & Adrian


Taking a break with Blacky... (the others insisted her real name was “Blaze”, but come on, everyone can see that “Blacky” suits her so much better)


Alex tries in vain to check the lightning-fast Maradona, as Diego & Fabiola look on

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