Posted by: Googie | May 1, 2010

Un Patito Feo

That stands for “An ugly duckling”.

The 30th of April was to be the last working day at Katitawa for Ed, Tanya, Lizzy, Emma, Damir, Dotahn & Emmily. On their last day, we were planning to act out the ugly duckling (in Spanish) as a skit for the kids. The previous evening, Ed wrote the script and took up the job of narrating it. We rehearsed about 3 to 4 times, with me playing a swan.

I had exactly 3 lines to say:
”No eres un patito feo” –> You’re not an ugly duckling
”Mira su reflecion en la agua” –> Look at your reflection in the water
”Mire… mas fuerte” –> Look, more carefully

The next morning, we gave a sterling performance at the school and the kids just loved it. I displayed my impeccable acting skills and said my lines with gusto, which made me an instant favorite with the crowd. Dear reader, if you are a big shot in Bollywood, I promise you, look no further; get in touch with me and we’ll make millions together.


Mother duck waiting for her eggs to hatch


Mother duck and the other ducklings are shocked to see the ugly duckling


Dotahn as one of the ducklings

Emmily & Dotahn have made this beautiful video of their last day at Katitawa along with portions of our epic performance:

Don’t forget to read their full write-up at:

The volunteers working at the library had finished the theatre and they had done a stupendous job. Since they had put in so much time and effort in making the theatre look so good, they didn’t have the time to write the script for the puppet show. But Rupinho wrote a small storyline in Kichwa for the popular Kichwa legend of the Condor who fell in love. Some of the kids in school were in charge of handling the puppets, and despite rehearsing only a few times, they put up a good show in the evening. Yours truly was in charge of lighting, and expectedly goofed up a few times (mainly because the damn light switch would give me a shock every now and then).


The theatre under construction (this picture from many days earlier)


Emmily, the creative head of the theatre group


The finished puppets


Emma & Damir with the finished theatre


Damir as the ghost


Emma transforming Nicolas into the clown (in my opinion, he didn’t need any make-up; he’s a clown anyway!!)


The clown looks scarier than the ghost


Rupinho, the narrator


The clown in action


Take a bow theatre group, you guys did a fabulous job

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  1. this is so beautiful, Googie…. and I am sure…

    it was not the shocking switch
    involved was a vicious …….

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