Posted by: Googie | April 24, 2010

Lizzy’s farewell party

We had got some new volunteers at the school in the past 2 weeks. First there was Pedro the Brazilian, who was riding his motorcycle all around South America. He was followed by the young Brits, Tom & Chris; and then the Canadian brothers, Colin & Matt.

But Lizzy was leaving over the weekend, and was going to be the first volunteer to leave during my stint. We had planned to organize a farewell party for her where everyone would cook something special. There are a few people whose trips to the kitchen are so infrequent, that they sometimes even forget that it exists. I am one such person. So my week was spent in dread of the impending weekend.

But fortunately for me, Nicolas was exactly in the same boat, so we decided to combine forces. We would make French fries with mayonnaise as starters for the party, and I would make a fair attempt at Aloo Gobhi.

D-day came, and the under-dogs totally outclassed the accomplished cooks. The French fries and Aloo Gobhi were a smash-hit, and people were left licking their fingers. Our attempt at the mayonnaise was rather unsuccessful. We added anything and everything, from milk to flour to broccoli, that we found in the kitchen into it, but still couldn’t make it edible. But that small failure was completely overshadowed by the towering successes of our main dishes.


The Indo-French papas fritas project (Tom just wanted to be in the picture)


Loads of good food

By the end of the night, all of us were stuffed till our throats with some of the most delectable food ever, but still couldn’t get enough of it. Pedro, unfortunately, had a small mishap with some hot oil splashing into his eye, but he could see the next morning so all was well.


The customary midnight fight


The crowd

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