Posted by: Googie | April 14, 2010

Pond work begins

Dotahn and I reached the school early, inspected our concrete poles from yesterday, and decided to start work on the pond. We had agreed to place the pond in the middle of the farm, and not have any uniform shape to it.


The farm as it was at the start of the day


A closer look at where the pond is going to be

The first task was to level the area where the pond would be (remember that the school is in the side of the hill, so everything is on a slope). We marked a large rectangle on the ground, and started clearing the mud from it. We were extremely lucky that the mud was soft, and could be easily dug out. Despite that, it was hard labour and even after a few hours of back-breaking work, not even 1/4th of the rectangle had been levelled.


At lunch break

We were then joined by Romel & Nigel, and with their help we started making some good progress. Robert came by with snacks later, and also joined in on the levelling task. By afternoon, we had done a remarkable job, and the rectangle was more or less flat.


By afternoon


By the end of the day

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  1. it is amazing work, Googie… you can construct a house now .. or at least make a hole into the ground.. no… seriously.. good job 😉

  2. I learnt the hard way that digging a hole in the ground is hard work… However in movies and serials even delicate heroines manage to bury a dead body in one night!!

  3. […] Here is how the pond looked just a few weeks back. I’m sure Lachlan is proud of his farm […]

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