Posted by: Googie | April 12, 2010


Nicolas, Lizzy, Damir, Emma & I set off for Salinas, the town of cheese and chocolates early in the morning today. It was a 2 and a half hour bus ride away, and it was lunch time by the time we reached.


Cock-fight stadium in Ambato


Nicolas, Damir & I in Salinas



There was no menu at the restaurant we went to. There was a set meal and the only choice one had was to either get chicken or pork. After lunch, we checked out the chocolate factory; the others bought quite a lot of chocolates, but since I’m not really so fond of chocolates, I didn’t buy any. Then we went to a cheese shop; the others bought quite a lot of cheese, but since I’m not really so fond of cheese, I didn’t buy any.


Volleyball – the favorite sport of the Ecuadorians


Camioneta ride on the way back

On the way back from Salinas, Nicolas & I rode standing on the back of the camioneta; and that was an awesome experience (although it was freezing cold).

The bus back to Ambato was packed, and we didn’t get any place to sit. Standing for 2 and half hours was not fun. The natural beauty around Salinas and all along the way was so amazing, that the trip had been completely worthwhile for me, and I was glad that I went.

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  1. Hey Googie,
    Good to know that you landed up with a teaching job in Equador. Do let me know more about it.


    • Hey Joy,

      This is their blog:

      Shoot them a mail if you want to volunteer. Volunteers are always welcome, and I can guarantee you a fulfilling experience.

      – Googie

  2. I remember llamas from tintin comic book. Do they really spit at humans?

    • Tintin comics is where I remembered them from as well… And yes, they do spit on you if you irritate them 🙂
      But one of my friends here actually kissed a llama smack on the lips!!! The llama must have enjoyed the kiss because it didn’t spit 😀

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