Posted by: Googie | April 6, 2010

Hit the road Jack!

We went to Avis again in the morning today, and this time they were open. There was a small, basic car that I could rent, but if I wanted to return it at Miami, it was going to cost me a whopping $500. That was a definite deal breaker, but I could return it at Gainesville, Florida where I was planning to stay for the night; and then it would cost me a still outrageous $160.

Having no other choice, I rented it, said goodbye to Divya, thanked her for showing me such a good time in Athens and began my long drive south.


The open road

The car sucked. It didn’t have cruise control. If my old buddies from Motorola – Libertyville, Satya Rao & Ravi Chebs were to hear that, they would feel my pain. I love to drive in the US, one because it is so easy, and two because its so beautiful outside. I use cruise control even on small roads where the speed limit is 35 mph, so not having it on the freeways was plain torture. For the uninitiated, cruise control helps you set the speed of the car to whatever you like, after which the car automatically accelerates and decelerates so that the set speed is maintained. You can also use the “+” and “-“ buttons on your steering wheel to increase or decrease the set speed.

Being forced to use the accelerator all the time, I missed a lot of the countryside because a part of my brain was always focussed on the speed I was driving at 😦

Anyway, I reached Gainesville in the evening and found Sara’s house quite easily. Sara and her flatmates, all students at the University of Florida, were going to host me for the night. Sara took me out to play pool with her friends, who were a really cool bunch.


Sara’s home

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