Posted by: Googie | April 5, 2010

Almost ticketed

Athens, where Divya’s college was, turned out to be a nice university town full of students. I have always enjoyed being in such places, and Divya went out of her way to keep me from getting bored.

We walked around the campus, went club hopping on the weekly college night, watched a movie, visited the nearby quaint town called Helen and walked up to the Anna Ruby falls. I had had a good time in Athens, and before I knew it, it was time for me to go.


Even bulldog statues need a hug


I think I could be a pretty good baker lady


Anna Ruby falls


“Scottish” pastures

My plan was to rent a car, drive all the way south to Keywest – Florida, which was the southern-most tip of the continental United States; and then back north to Miami. On Sunday morning, Divya drove me to the closest Avis car rental place, but they were closed as it was the Easter Sunday. It was the Breakdown Gang in action, and I was reminded of my failed attempts at leaving Delhi and riding to the Wagah border.

So we came back home, and I took Divya’s Honda CR-V for a drive to downtown Atlanta. Despite having a GPS device, I got lost as usual and got to Atlanta in about 3 hours. Downtown Atlanta has so many one-ways, that its hard for a normal person to not make a mistake. In my case, it was disaster waiting to happen. The psychotic woman sitting inside the small GPS unit suddenly woke up for no apparent reason and told me to turn left. So I turned left. In less than a microsecond I knew that I was going the wrong way on a one way street. Thanks to my wonderful luck, I almost drove straight into a cop on a motorcycle. I first heard the cop shouting, “Hey!”, and then his siren along with the bright revolving lights that feature in every driver’s nightmares.

Like a good boy, I stopped by the side of the road while the cop rode ahead of me and parked horizontally in the middle of the road blocking the oncoming traffic. Then he bellowed, “Turn around” at the top of voice, which I quietly obeyed. I started driving slowly expecting him to stop me and give me a ticket. But he rode up next to me and shouted, “Pay attention to the signs man” before riding away. I’m sure he didn’t hear me say I’m sorry. I barely heard it myself because my throat had gone dry 😀

I heaved a sigh of relief that I didn’t get a ticket, and just drove back home – not once exceeding the speed limit.

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  1. it is written very well…. this story leaves a smile on reader’s lips 🙂 especially that part about hearing saying I am sorry :)))

    • Thanks Janusch!

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