Posted by: Googie | March 16, 2010

The best laid plans :)

After sitting around in Delhi for 6 days just twiddling my thumbs, I was very restless and wanted to go somewhere… anywhere!

OJ gave in to my constant bickering, and agreed to ride with me to Amritsar to watch the “lowering of the flags” ceremony at Wagah border. We decided to start off early Saturday morning. Early morning was obviously was a pipe dream considering The Breakdown Gang’s previous track record. But what I hadn’t quite anticipated was both of us sleeping till well after lunch time, thus eliminating any hopes of leaving on Saturday.

So the new start time was Sunday morning. Thankfully, at least by late afternoon we said goodbye to uncle (OJ’s dad) and set off. First stop was Karol Bagh, where we planned to buy a saddle bag. We didn’t find the saddle bag anywhere, so in true Breakdown Gang fashion, we just rode back home and slept.


What could potentially have been the first snap of an awesome ride

The revised start time was now Monday morning. OJ unfortunately had to go to work, so it would be me riding alone. Amritsar was too far for a solo ride of max 4 days, so I decided to go to someplace in Rajasthan. Expectedly, it was afternoon by the time I started. First I went to the embassy of Turkey to collect my passport, but the buggers kept me waiting for more than an hour. OJ called and said that it was now too late to go as I would take an eternity just getting out of Delhi, and moreover, it wouldn’t be safe to ride in Haryana at night.

The yet again revised plan was – Tuesday morning start, me solo, somewhere in Rajasthan, max 3 days. By afternoon, the bike was serviced and ready, and I set off. I called OJ from Gurgaon, at the outskirts of Delhi, and he was genuinely surprised that I had made it that far. But after that there was no looking back since the motorcycle was behaving well, and sounding really good. The ride was on!

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