Posted by: Googie | March 4, 2010


Pedro had booked a taxi that would pick me up at 6 am, and he was the one who woke me up at 5.50… The taxi was there already, so I just wore my clothes, said hasty goodbyes and left.

Passing through Vietnamese immigrations was not as simple as I’d imagined. The woman behind the counter looked suspiciously at me for a long time before calling for backup. 4 other officers got there, and compared my face to the one in my passport for about 5 minutes. Had I tanned so much?!! Fortunately, although very reluctantly, they let me through and I breathed a sigh of relief.


Last snap taken in Vietnam

Landed at Bangkok, and got myself a visa on arrival. I was glad that I had a lot of time for my next flight, because the queue for getting the visa was really long, and really slow moving. After 10 minutes of standing in queue, I sat myself down on the floor, opened my netbook, connected to one of the unsecured wi-fi networks, and started surfing. People around me were giving me dirty looks because I was happily sitting, while they probably thought it below their dignity to sit 🙂 A European backpacking couple had no such qualms, because they sat down soon after I did. I think it is ridiculous that one has to get a visa even if one is going to catch a flight out of Bangkok in a few hours – but I guess they must have their reasons.


The multi-leveled Suvarnabhumi International airport


From within…

Since I had a visa now, and still a few hours remaining, I took the airport shuttle to the public transportation center, and got lunch there. So my last international lunch (for now) was at the same place where we’d all had our first international lunch (on this trip) about exactly one month back.

The flight from Bangkok to New Delhi was long, and I was very restless because I had important people to meet in India and I couldn’t wait. OJ came to the airport to pick me up, and I filled him in on my plans on the way home.

What I do in India in the coming days will NOT be blogged about simply because this blog is about Googie going global, not local. Important relevant events that deserve a mention will, of course, be recorded.

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