Posted by: Googie | March 3, 2010

Duong & the Hanoi CSers

I had got a message on couchsurfing from a girl called Duong, who was from Saigon but was in Hanoi on a business trip. Duong’s profile was not filled-in and there were no pictures, so I was a bit hesitant but still agreed to meet for coffee.

Duong turned out to be a shy, sweet and soft spoken girl. We had some communication issues thanks to our widely different accents, but we managed to understand each other a little 🙂

Duong took me to have “Pho Bo”, a traditional Vietnamese dish in what was the best place in Hanoi to have it. It was simply amazing, and I slurped up even the last drop from the bowl (probably to much embarrassment to Duong). We walked around the Old Quarter a bit, with her teaching me some Vietnamese pronunciations which I forgot maybe 5 seconds later.

SAM_0873With Duong in Hanoi

Next we went to Nola cafe to attend the weekly Hanoi couchsurfing meeting. Nola cafe is a hard to find place, with the entrance from a narrow alley. It looks really shady when you enter, but then opens up into a beautiful, well furnished room. We were the first guys there, but many CSers joined in eventually.

SAM_0868Hanoi weekly CS meeting

After leaving from there, Duong took a “xe om” to her hotel, and I took one home after a quick phone call to OJ.

Jelly & Pedro were surprised to hear that I would be flying back to India tomorrow, but agreed that it was the smartest thing to do. I called Pavi as well, who was equally surprised. But she was working late, and wouldn’t be able to meet me before I left.

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