Posted by: Googie | March 2, 2010

Back to Hanoi

I said goodbye to my new friends in the morning when they all left in another boat. They had taken the longer cruise, and our itineraries would diverge from here on. Our boat started the journey back to Halong city, and unlike what I had thought, there was nothing to do on the 2nd day of the cruise except go back.

Reached Hanoi in the evening and met Jelly & Pedro, Prit’s friends from Germany. They were meeting another girl from Germany who had just moved to Hanoi. So in Jelly’s words, they were “killing two birds with one stone”.


With Jelly, Pedro & the German girl

After dinner, we said goodbye to the German girl and went home. Jelly & Pedro had rented a large, very beautiful house in a quiet neighbourhood. They were very hospitable and gave me an entire room to myself. I even got a set of spare keys to the house!

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