Posted by: Googie | February 25, 2010

Good morning Vietnam

After firing the AK-47, I was done with Cambodia. I purchased a bus ticket to Ho Chi Minh city, and started talking to an Israeli guy called Golan. Golan’s seat happened to be the one right next to mine, and we talked about a whole lot of stuff during the journey. From my earlier research, I was under the impression that one wouldn’t need to even get out of the bus till we reached HCMC, but that was not true. You needed to get out both at the Cambodian side, and again at the Vietnamese side. But the process itself was quite hassle-free, and we were soon in Vietnam.


Leaving Cambodia

Once at HCMC, Golan & I decided to share a room, and found a decent, not-too-expensive one after searching for a bit. Prices of accommodation in Vietnam was way above that in Cambodia.


Wiry view from the room

The next morning, we booked a one day tour of the Mekong delta. I had imagined sprawling green paddy fields in the fertile soil of the delta, but most of the time we were traveling in boats either through the wide river or through narrow channels with dense vegetation on both sides.


I always knew I would make a good bee-keeper


Through the dense Amazonian rainforest…

During the lunch break, some of us took bicycles to explore the surrounding villages. I rode into a narrow remote road for a long time, and finally found the green paddy fields I was looking for.


Biking through narrow village roads


The landscape I was looking for

On the way back, I met a friendly German girl called Sarah, with whom I had a long and deep conversation, because of which the 2 hour return journey went completely unnoticed. This was the last day in Vietnam for Sarah and her friends, and they were going on to Thailand next before flying home. We also met an Australian couple – Lisa & Peter – on our bus, and decided to go together for a half day tour of the Cu Chi tunnels the next day.

At dinner, we were joined by Lisa, a couchsurfer from Italy with whom I had exchanged a few messages. Golan, Lisa & I went for a drink later; and without any intention of doing so, I got quite drunk 🙂

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  1. Ahem… Amazonian? In Vietnam?

    Great travelogue, by the way. I’m sure you’ll have lotsa stories to go with the beer once you’re back.

  2. we never intend to be drunk… once we decide to.. something goes wrong… so better do it unintended .. and I am sure you were drunk when you wrote about the Amazonian forests…. your mind was probably in South America…. don’t worry Googie.. you’ll be there soon…. writing about the beautiful Vietnamese forests being high on some local drink 😉

  3. Where is next?

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