Posted by: Googie | February 18, 2010

The other temples around Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is the first thing one thinks of when Cambodia is mentioned, but in reality, it is just one of the many temples in the Angkor Archaeological Park.

After breakfast, Echo, Juli & I banded up with 2 other travelers – Talita (from South Africa) and Paul (from USA) and hired a tuk-tuk for the 5 of us. But Echo got into an argument with the tuk-tuk driver barely 5 minutes later, and we had to get out of the tuk-tuk. We hired another tuk-tuk, but Echo decided to go on by herself, so it was just the 4 of us now.

We visited Banteay Srei and one other temple, and then stopped for lunch. After lunch, our friendly tuk-tuk driver showed us how unfriendly he could be. I couldn’t think of anything any of us might have done to bring about this sudden change in his attitude. He refused to take us to any more temples, but we were adamant. When we refused to pay him any money, he had no choice but to agree for one more temple that we wanted to see. So we went to Pre Rup. After that, we got dropped back to our guesthouse, and the tuk-tuk driver got his money (with no tip whatsoever).


Paul, Talita, Juli & I with our initially friendly tuk-tuk driver

Tatsu, a friendly Japanese teacher staying at our guesthouse had said that the sunset from Sunset Bar was quite amazing, so Juli & I went to check it out in the evening.


The sunset from our guesthouse

Despite our tuk-tuk driver today, I had had a good time mainly because my travel companions were really nice people. We met again for dinner at the bar above our guesthouse, where we were joined by Ryan (from the USA). Ryan turned out to be a lyricist cum music composer, who was also quite good with the guitar. He played a few numbers for us including some of his own compositions.

Some random pictures from today:


Smooth Cambodian roads


The green countryside


With a young Cambodian flute selling girl


Coconuts are so cut that you can place them on a flat surface (something we Indians probably never needed to do because ours are not as big and heavy)

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  1. Wow!! The coconut looks almost as big as our watermelons

  2. Great Going BRooo !!!

    Any new from the Bananas !!

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