Posted by: Googie | February 17, 2010

Angkor Wat

Echo turned up at the guesthouse early next morning, and said that she and her German friend – Juli – had found another place where each bed was for $1. Honestly, I liked my current place and didn’t want to leave, but it would be more convenient to stay close to the people I would be travelling with, so I went. The other place was called Garden Village, and it had a rooftop bar called Sunset Bar. This place was also nice, and I got a bed in one of the huts there.

09 One of the huts in my guesthouse

My bed at Garden Village

In the evening, Echo & I rented a bicycle and went to meet Sokda, a local couchsurfer. After chatting with him for some time, we left to catch the sunset at Angkor Wat. I was totally mesmerised by the temple itself, and completely forgot about the Sun. Echo turned out to be quite a shutterbug, and was busy capturing pictures of nearly everything she saw. That also included me, so I enjoyed feeling like a model for a while.


Modelling at Angkor Wat 1


Modelling at Angkor Wat 2

Soon after the Sun had set, a guard inside the temple started shooing people away. I offered to pay him $2, so he asked me to wait. Once he had made all the other tourists leave, he took me to some cordoned off places where construction was going on. From here, I got some great views of the landscape around – views that wouldn’t be available to all for quite some time to come.

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