Posted by: Googie | February 15, 2010

Mexico is out

I had to leave Tomi’s house today as he would be having another friend over, but I requested him if I could keep my backpack there in the daytime, to which he agreed. From his place, I went to the closest mall to look for some free wi-fi, and found one with really amazing speeds. I stayed here for a long time and finished a lot of my online work. A brown guy sitting on a bench with a laptop must have looked very suspicious, because soon there appeared a cop walking around my bench trying to get a look at what I was up to. I pretended to not even know he was around, and without any reason to question me, he simply walked away.


Times Square; the mall where the cop came to check on me

From there, I went looking for the Mexican embassy, which I found rather easily. Having travelled around Bangkok these past few days, I have become quite an expert at getting around the city using the BTS (skytrain) and the MRT (subway). But there was disappointment in store for me at the embassy, when the consulate officers told me that I needed to apply for the Mexican visa in my home country itself. They said there was nothing they could do for me at this point. I intend to try again at the Mexican embassies in Vietnam & the US, but frankly, in my heart I have the feeling that I’m not going to Mexico anytime soon 😦


The red arrow points to the Thai Wah tower where the Embassy of Mexico is on the 20th floor

On the way back from the embassy, I saw a market filled with locals. Without any hesitation, I went right inside and tried to find myself a comb. The people here couldn’t understand a word of what I was saying, but I managed to act out what I wanted, and then they understood. Communicating with the Thais has greatly improved my miming abilities, and at this rate I may soon become the best dumb charades player in the world.

At the same market, there was a lady selling fried fish. She had packed them neatly in groups of 4 fish. I asked the price of one of the packets to which she held up 5 fingers. I couldn’t believe my luck. I was getting 4 fried fish for 5 baht… incredible, no?
Well actually, no!
When I took the packet and gave her 5 baht, she looked at me as if she was looking at a patient from the mental hospital. It didn’t take me too long to figure out that each of her fingers stood for 10 bahts, and it took me even lesser time to get the hell out of there because I wasn’t going to spend 50 baht on that fish.

Right now, I’m sitting at one of the “posher” eating joints in town, contemplating my next move. Now that I’ve hit a blank wall with the visa process, there’s no point in me spending any more time in Bangkok. I think I’ll look for another host for tonight, and if I’m unable to find anybody, I’ll just try and make my way towards Cambodia right away.

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  1. Those bastards!
    Forget Vietnam, try in the US, they might be more sympathetic.

  2. Its real nice of the embassy people to create a red arrow for you to follow 🙂

  3. I happened to read somewhere that the embassies and consulates in Vietnam cater only to the Vietnamese and citizens of neighboring countries. So yeah, I think the US is my only hope now…

    Dude Iddya, did you seriously think the guys at the embassy did that?!!

  4. Just kidding…………… but would’t it be cool if you are walking down a road and the building you are looking for is marked by a read arrow?
    It would be like a super GPS system.

    Maybe something you can work on when you return to the world of IT

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