Posted by: Googie | February 13, 2010

Back in Bangkok

The next morning we took the ferry to Surat Thani and then flew to Bangkok.

Here we had the greatest disappointment of our trip 😦
Kini had forgotten his camera in the taxi that dropped us to Khao San road; and despite our best efforts of going to the police and trying to retrieve it, we couldn’t get it back. We were not so sorry about losing the camera itself, but ALL our snaps of the last week were gone. We had made Kini’s camera the primary one, which was used for almost all the snaps clicked. Everything was wiped out.

After another usual Khao San road night, we had had enough of Bangkok’s nightlife. So the next day, we decided to do some shopping at the Chatuchak weekend market, which turned out to be quite an experience. Did some last minute re-shuffling of the luggage, so that I wouldn’t be carrying anything that I didn’t require during my trip. Everything I didn’t need would go back to India with the guys.

Instead of leaving for Cambodia right away, I decided to stay in Bangkok for a few more days to try and get a Mexican visa. Requested for a few couches and got a positive response from a guy called Tomi.

Late in the evening, all the 4 of us walked to the main road, from where the guys would get a taxi to the airport. Clicked a few last snaps together, and after a round of hugs and words of encouragement, the guys got into the cab and were gone. I was all alone for the first time since the start of the trip, but I knew that I had it in me to see this through.

So I picked up my backpack, and got into one of the local Bangkok buses that would take me towards Tomi’s place. On the bus, there was a helpful guy in the seat behind me, and he told me when my stop came.

Once I got down, I easily found the rendezvous point, and met Tomi. He turned out to be a nice guy from Indonesia, who’s as new to Bangkok as I am. He had just rented a room here, and on the 2nd night itself, he was hosting me. But he said that he would be able to host me only for 2 nights. So I’ll have to start searching for another couch for the day-after-tomorrow.


Tomi’s small but comfortable pad


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