Posted by: Googie | February 11, 2010

Snorkelling at Angthong National Marine Park

The snorkelling package tour at Koh Samui starts early in the morning, and we were picked up from our hotel at the crack of dawn. We had checked out already, so we took our luggage along which we dumped at the tour office before getting onto our boat. There were 4 cute girls on our boat, so we were all happy – especially Kini 😉

We were given snorkelling gear but no instructions on how to use it. So once we wore it and got into the water, we didn’t know what to do. Saw a few fishes and corals, but I’m sure the experience would have been much better had we known how to snorkel properly.

From there, the boat took us to an empty beach and en-route we were shown some small islands that supposedly resembled stuff. But apart from one that resembled the Sphinx, one had to really stretch one’s imagination to see the alleged similarity. At the beach, there were kayaks lined up and people got into them in pairs. OJ & I took one while Kini & VMK shared another. Then the entire boat group kayaked to another beach. One of the kayaks being rowed by some Frenchmen overturned, so OJ & I went to help. But it was hopeless because one of the French guys was so huge that it probably take a warship to get him up. So he just hung onto his kayak and was dragged ashore. After a while, we all kayaked back to the earlier beach where lunch was being served.

We spoke to the girls a bit, and they turned out to be quite an interesting bunch as well. They were from Israel and were touring Laos & Thailand for 2 months. From here, our boat took us to a place where there was a natural lagoon and a high viewpoint. Both were incredible. From the viewpoint, one could get stupendous views of the surrounding areas. The lagoon was surrounded by mountains, and was fed by an underground tunnel to the sea. The marine life in the lagoon was fabulous, but tourists were not allowed into the water here.

The boat ride back was the highlight of the day. The sea had become quite rough, and our driver was bent on proving that our boat was indeed a speed boat. We jumped up and down on the violent waters, and got completely drenched. The experience was as thrilling as being on a roller coaster, and lasted a good while longer as well.

The boat dropped us at the pier, and we boarded the bus to Nathorn where we would catch the ferry to Surat Thani. On the bus, I started a conversation with an Englishman sitting next to me, and we had a great time chatting about random stuff. Unfortunately, we were too late getting to Nathorn since the last ferry to Surat Thani had already left. So we took up a room in a guesthouse, which meant that now we didn’t have enough time to go to Pattaya for our planned skydive.


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  1. Come on…where are the pics?

  2. Sorry man… we lost our primary camera… I hope that we have at least some pictures from the other camera. Will update them as soon as I get them…

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