Posted by: Googie | February 11, 2010

Koh Samui

After 2 days of being in Bangkok without seeing much of Thailand besides its nightlife and blowing up more money than planned, we were beginning to get jittery. So on the 3rd day, we promptly woke up early in the morning, checked out of the hotel and reached the train station only to find that the next train to Surat Thani will leave in the evening.

Not being new to such breakdowns, we found ways to keep ourselves busy till the evening, and then boarded the train. The trains in Thailand are crap compared to those in India. They run in meter gauge, which makes them too narrow. The seats are wide, but not necessarily more comfortable. To convert the seats into sleeping berths is not as intuitive as in Indian trains, so the coach attendant has to do it for each seat. The train is itself is not so long, and might have had about 5 to 6 bogies. The train goes very slowly, and when it accelerates, it sounds more like a bus!


Hua Lamphong railway station


The narrow meter gauge tracks

Despite its shortcomings, it did its job and brought us to Surat Thani in one piece. All of us finished all our morning business of the loo in the train station itself, and took a taxi to the Don Sak pier. From here, we got onto a ferry that brought us to Koh Samui island. Locals here were very uncooperative, and it was upto us to figure out that the cheapest transport in the island is the songthaew (like a big shared tuk tuk). We took one of these songthaews to Haad Lamai which was one of the 2 most popular beaches in the island.

After a long and tiring search for cheap rooms, OJ & I came across iBed, which was a backpackers’ hostel that was far from cheap. It was in fact, a posh, swanky place with all the modern comforts that one could ask for. When we showed it to VMK & Kini, they were thrilled; and we rented 4 beds right away.

The problem with staying in such a cool place as iBed is that one doesn’t feel like getting out of the room. Given how we guys end up being rooted to even the crappiest rooms, you can imagine how we must have been in iBed. We stayed in Koh Samui for 3 days, without actually doing much, but still had a great time.

The first night we went to check out the night life in Chaweng, Koh Samui’s main beach. The second evening we went to the Lamai beach, swam in the sea, lounged in the pool and discussed the important decisions that I would need to take in my life soon. The third day, we went snorkeling.


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  1. Hey Human being,
    Many photos/info pending to be uploaded. Upload them. The blog is very nice and you must prepare to spend few more bucks to patent this blog 🙂

    • Hey there, fellow human… thanks!
      The best photos of the Thailand trip are lost forever. Unless the taxi driver who stole our camera decides to upload them – the chances of that happening, I’m afraid, are as remote as the Taliban being labeled the most peaceful guys in history.
      Nevertheless, I’m trying my best to recover a few snaps
      Bucks I can try and arrange, its the seconds that are an issue right now 😦

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