Posted by: Googie | January 24, 2010

Meeting Jana after ages

The alarm rang a few hours later, and groggily we got to the Kurla station to catch my train to Varanasi. Prit also bought himself a ticket on the same train till Nashik. In the train, I traded my sleek new Blackberry for his basic Samsung phone because we thought it wouldn’t be very wise to travel around in South America with an obviously expensive device. Nashik came in a few hours, and we parted with hope to meet again in Europe in a few months’ time.

The remaining 26 hours or so were simply an ordeal, and I was happy when the train finally got to Varanasi Junction. I got out of the station, and remembered that in all the rush, I hadn’t brought anything for Jana. I had to atleast arrange for a bouquet of flowers in the 1 hour I had before she would come to pick me up.

Asking the locals for a florist led me to a “phoolon ki mandi”, a sort of a flower market where flowers are sold by the dozen. None of the guys there were willing to make me a bouquet, so I decided to make it myself. I bought a few flowers, collected some strings lying around, and started my ambitious project. One of the flower vendors took pity at my hapless state and offered to help. He wasn’t much better than I was, but at least made the “thing” resemble a bouquet 🙂 I gave him a tip, and he was happy.

Jana came to the railway station at around 4, and it was simply great to see each other after so long. We went back to her guesthouse and spent the rest of the day just catching up.

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  1. public demand : A pic of the bouquet pls !!

  2. Oh shoot!!! I think no picture was taken of the bouquet… damn, why didn’t I think of it then?!!! This is such a huge loss for humankind 😦

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