Posted by: Googie | December 18, 2009

The US Visa

Note: All visa related information & experiences in this blog may be applicable only for Indian citizens living in India.

Having a valid visa to the United States may be very important for a trip to Latin America for the following reasons:

  1. Direct flights to South America are way more expensive than getting there after a stopover in the US
  2. Many countries may be more likely to grant you a visa if you already have a valid American visa
  3. You don’t even need to get a separate visa to some countries for short visits if you already have a valid American visa

Although I already had a US L1 visa valid till 2011, it would’ve become invalid as soon as I ceased to be an employee of Motorola. So it was imperative for me to get a visitors visa (B1/B2). Moreover, I needed to get it soon because getting it when I wouldn’t have a job anymore would have been next to impossible.

I took up a visa interview appointment at the US consulate in Chennai in the 2nd week of December, and did some running around to gather all the necessary documents. I reached Chennai on the evening of 6th December, and got an AC bed in the dormitory in the main bus station itself.

The next morning I was at the consulate on time, and after going through the customary security checks, waited for my turn for the interview. When I got to the window, I greeted the consulate officer and handed over my passport along with the mandatory forms.

The consulate officer asked me for how long had I been working for Motorola, and I said since December 2004. Then she asked me some simple yes or no questions before telling me that my visa was approved. I couldn’t believe how simple it had been. She hadn’t asked me to show her even a single supporting document that I had spent so much time arranging for 🙂

But I wasn’t complaining, because I had a US visa now, and that was a big hurdle out of the way.

The passport arrived by courier in a few days time and they had given me a 10 year multiple entry visa.

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  1. You are off on a fantastic trip! I will be following your blog posts 🙂

  2. Keep em coming buddy !!!

  3. Hi Gogie.. Rock on!! I am sure everything that you worked your butt off for will so totally be worth it…

    Which are the countries you intend to cover? will keep my eyes open for the updates :))

  4. Congratulations 🙂

    It was about time 🙂

  5. All hail the Great Googie! May God protect you, feed you and also provide you with a sufficient supply of beautiful senorita’s. May your journey be one of enlightenment and also wild orgies 😉

    I already see the potential for a book and movie with the same name as your blog. And also a tv show called googie’s travels. We could take help from Ekta Kapoor to drag it for a few years.

    P.S: Use protection and call if help needed

  6. Yo Cabron !!

    best of luck…. just dont get your Arse shot ….take care.


  7. Has the sailor reached shores of south America……?

  8. Thanks guys…

    @Amulya – I had a pipe dream of going to 37 countries when I first started planning, but now I know that quality time scores higher over quantity. So I might end up visiting under 10.

    @Himanshu – Not yet. The sailor is still in South East Asian shores…

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