Posted by: Googie | October 8, 2009

How it all began…

It was a warm summer morning in New Delhi when I got a call from my supervisor at work. He sounded grim when he said, “I have some bad news for you, the company has announced the next set of lay-offs, and your job is getting affected. You’ll be with us for only 6 more months”.

I had come from Bangalore to New Delhi on a 2 week vacation, mainly to attend a very close friend’s wedding at Dehradun. To be told that you’re getting laid-off on the first day of a much deserved vacation was a little strange, but not really shocking. That was because I was more-or-less prepared for it, since the mobile devices division of my company was running under a loss for almost a year now, with a not-so-rosy looking future. The entire global financial crisis only made things worse.

I was happy that I was with some of my best buddies at this time, and I could easily confide in them (actually, I think they felt worse than I did). In the back of my mind I felt that the lay-off may be a blessing-in-disguise. I was too deep into my comfort zone with a high-paying job that afforded me a rather lavish lifestyle. I had been living the good life for about 5 years now, and would have continued for God-knows-how-much-longer had it not been for this.

So now I had to rethink what I wanted to do with my life, but thankfully I had 6 more months to decide!!

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